Eco Design Directive
What’s it all about?

Eco Design Directive

Q. What is the ECO Design Directive?
A. Two of the ErP Directive’s Regulations refer to the Ecodesign of Space Heaters, Combincation Heaters, Water Heaters and Thermal Stores. The ECO Design Directive requires manufacturers to decrease the energy consumption of their products. By complying with the ECO Design Directive, products will consequently adhere to the ErP Directive requirements. For over two years, the ECO Design Directive has specified a mandatory requirement for heating systems to be fitted with High Efficiency (HE) circulating pumps. Up until now, heating appliances which have integral pumps have not had to comply with this legislation; however, this changed on 1st August 2015.

HE circulating pumpFrom August, any heat producing appliance incorporating a pump has to change to the HE versions. Grant products which are fitted with HE pumps (replacing the Standard Efficiency (SE) versions) include: Vortex oil boilers, Aerona Air Source Heat Pumps, and Solar Thermal Pump Stations.

Q. When will the HE pumps be fitted into Grant products?
A. From 20th April 2015, Grant started fitting HE pumps into all of their manufactured oil boilers, air source heat pumps and solar thermal pump stations (biomass boilers are currently exempt). This should mean that since 1st June 2015, merchants have been able to purchase Grant products fitted with the HE pumps therefore complying with the ECO Design Directive in time for merchants to hopefully have rotated their stock in time for the 1st August 2015 deadline.

Q. Can merchants sell older appliances (with SE pumps) after 1st August 2015?
A. Yes. The Eco Design Directive allows merchants to continue to sell appliances with SE pumps, which they have in stock, after 1st August 2015. After this date, manufacturers will not be allowed to supply merchants with models which are not fitted with HE pumps.

For more about the ErP Directive and the Eco Design Directive, please read our ErP guide.

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